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     DC Circuits

     AC Circuits

  • Ohm's law

  • Series connected resistors

  • Parallel connected resistors

  • Series-parallel connected resistors

  • Wye to delta and delta to wye conversion

  • Voltage division

  • Current division

  • Power in DC circuits

  • Thevenin's theorem

  • Norton's theorem

  • Maximum power transfer theorem

  • Superposition theorem

  • Kirchhoff's law

  • Node potential method

  • Mesh and loop current methods

  • Complex numbers

  • Principles of alternating current

  • Passive components in AC circuits

  • Using impedance and admittance

  • Voltage and current division

  • Superposition in AC circuits

  • Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits

  • Kirchhoff’s laws in AC circuits

  • Node potential and mesh current method

  • Coupled inductors

  • Periodic waveforms

  • Bode plots

  • Bridge networks

  • Resonant circuits

  • Power in AC circuits

  • Maximum power transfer  in  AC circuits

  • Three phase networks

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